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Upcoming Events

On Sundays

10.30am Morning Worship (including Sunday School for 5 – 11 year olds)
Why not listen to a recent sermon from our morning series (the Ten Commandments)?
Commandment 9: You Shall Not Bear False Witness
September 15, 2019
By: Matthew Cox
Scripture: Exodus 20:16

6.30pm Evening Worship
Our current evening series is taking us through the book of Genesis – How the universe was made, what happened to spoil it and God’s plan to make it even better than it was in the beginning!
The Distruction of Sodom
January 19, 2020
By: Matthew Cox
Scripture: Genesis 19:1-29

The destruction of Sodom. God's judgment and the reasons for it. Sudden and unexpected. No escape for us unless we turn to Jesus.

Monday Mornings at 9.30

Join our friendly group of (mainly) Senior Citizens for Coffee, conversation and thought-provoking discussion

Wednesday Mornings at 9.30

Join other parents and their pre-school children for play and socialising